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Silver Hilton Lodge

This is Dale Jessup with a 30 pound fish from the Silver Hilton.   Dale had emailed us the day before, rightly annoyed by the really tough water conditions. He had commented that he might as well be fishing in swimming pool. The next day he emailed us back and said that maybe he shouldn’t complain as he just caught this 30 pound buck in water with less than one foot of visibility! So the moral of the story is if you stay inside playing cards, you won’t catch a 30 pounder! Congratulations Dale!Wk #3 2009 030

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The Secret System


“Steelhead fishing can be unpredictable and I went to the Secret System in early September with tightly managed expectations and a deep hope for a great experience. Well, the steelhead gods were smiling and I received the greatest gift I could hope for…lots of big aggressive fish that slashed at my dry fly like tuna busting bait, freight train takes on wets fished shallow, and beautiful intimate water where I could hit every lie. My best day ended with fingers cut by burning backing, Dale soaked from tailing thrashing fish, a dozen boils and 14 fish hooked. Not that numbers really matter with an experience like this, but what the heck…23 for 29. What a gift!”  – Ed Rinker

Secret System 09-09037

Secret System 09-09034

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Zboat Lodge, British Columbia


Sometimes if you keep at it long enough the fish gods smile on you.  Conditions were not good with high water and rain. We were fishing in the trees somewhat with very poor water clarity so overall fishing was  pretty tough. John and I each landed two steelhead. I also got two coho and two bull trout but it rained all night Thursday and water was up and dirty as you can see in the photo. It rained all day Friday so it’s lucky I caught this one early in the day during one lull in the rain. Last fish of the trip but what a fish!!!

I went up to the head of the first run of the day and on the second cast hooked into this one. He was not only big but really strong and took out line way beyond the end of the run and eventually had about  half of the backing out of the rod tip. He was really strong and fresh without a mark on him.

We didn’t have a tape measure so we measured him against the rod and he measured out at a solid 42 inches. Don’t know the girth but the guide and lodge owner estimated him between 24 and 27 lbs. We’ll never know. But I do know this is a fish of a lifetime for me.”  – Angler, Bruce Nakao


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Bolivia Dorado Fishing, Tsimane Lodge 

” Thought you might be interested in our progress.   Estimated this fish to be 35-36 pounds.” – Angler, Cary Pugh




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Big Ku Lodge Summer 2009

Big Ku Lodge
“I like steelhead best, but catching these rainbows is fun too.   This fish was caught swinging flies with my Sage 6110 switch rod.   Had a great trip to the Big Ku Lodge.   Saw more bears up close and personal than I ever care to see again.”     -David Cole

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