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The Secret System, BC

“Another spectacular 35″er from a river half the size of most, clear as a bell and one you can readily wade across.  Only two fishermen a week and by far the most remote river to fish” – Brad Freeburg



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“Everything was really exceptional” – Anglers Nancy Harris and Mayrene Buxton / Guide Jim Andras
Nancy with a nice Rogue Steelhead.Nancy Jim Rogue 09
 Mayrene’s big one!  Mayrenes big rogue steelhead


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Bulkley River, British Columbia

“I had an outstanding trip. Bob Hull is a fantastic guide and a wonderful host” – Angler Ken Mackay
Bulkley Steelhead 2009 038

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Pesca Maya Lodge

“Yes a good time was had by all. We were very fortunate with the weather and we really enjoyed our guide, Pancho. He really helped with Karen and I on the water and we caught even more bonefish than last year. Her casting improved greatly and he kept putting us in a perfect position to fish. Thanks for helping with those arrangements.” 

– Anglers Brad and Karen GhentP9210050


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El Rancho Pinoso, Colorado

Tim's El Rancho 2

According to head guide Damon Scott, “Tim Hall might have had the best trip of anyone all year as he could do no wrong, and caught easily over 100 fish in two days time. We were fishing on Wemenuche Valley Ranch this day with a peacock Caddis(12) up top and a # 16 black and blue Pickpocket down low on 5x fluorocarbon. He caught the Bow first and then two casts later caught this amazing Cut-Bow on the Dry”  Well done Tim!

Tim's 1El Rancho

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