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Esquel Outfitters and Loop’s Jurassic Lake Fishing Report from December

Don’t know where to start as I am just now coming out of the clouds from that two week dream I had about being in Argentina. What an amazing trip!!! If I go into any detail at all this email will take all day to write so I will just try to summarize as follows:

The Chubut River Float – Almost did not get to make the float as the water was very high and off color. The guides decided to go for it and we had a great time. Was “very” windy at the start but most of the river is protected by huge willow trees so was not as big a factor as it could have been. Caught lots of fish with almost all of them in the 15”-20” range, predominantly rainbows with a few nice browns mixed in. Due to the water color and high flow virtually all of the fish came on streamers using sinking lines. Weather turned out to be almost perfect and the guides were great. We ate like kings and Marcos and his staff looked after our every need. Could not have asked for more and it was a fitting start to this incredible adventure.

Jurassic Lake – The 8.5 hour Ride from Hell lived up to every minute of its pre-trip billing. Got there after dark and it was windy and cold so had no idea what to expect the next morning. It is daylight at 4:30 so a couple of us were fishing by 5:00 and were immediately catching fish. No need for me to tell you how big they were or how many we caught as I believe Jurassic exceeded everyone’s expectations. Nymphs were the hot fly but streamers worked well and there was incredible dry fly action the first afternoon as well. Even more amazing, NO WIND, LOT’S OF SUN, shorts and tee shirts by the third day. Had an entire duffle of warm clothing that I never touched. What a sure-real experience. It was like fishing on the moon. The surroundings are stark and you would swear the lake is sterile but cast your fly and life explodes as these monsters accept your offering. Never experienced anything like it. Guides were amazing and we ate and drank as if we were at a 4-star lodge instead of a tent camp on the moon. You really can’t explain this place to people, you just have to go experience it for yourself.

I have traveled enough to know that your Fly Water Team is exceptional and I want to thank each of you for putting together such a flawless itinerary and trip. We moved around a lot and there were many opportunities for things to get off track but your attention to the details had it nailed from start to finish. Very professional and very well done!

Thanks again, I look forward to creating a lot more memories with your Fly Water Team.  – Doug Gauntt

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Estancia Despedida

Fishing Conditions on the Rio Grande by Danny Lajous, owner of Estancia Despedida

“Current water levels on the Rio Grande are normal for the month, snow is melting, and it has been raining up in the mountains for the last 15 days.  Now weather on the Rio Grande is another story.  Four different seasons in a day seems to be the game!  Warm weather, wind, cold, and even snow have surprised us during the last month (December).  This week seems to have stabilized itself, at least stopped snowing, and I expect the next months to bring us a clear and low river with fish holding in the deeper pools.  Looking forward to the season!”

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As of December 20, 2009, Argentina will begin charging US citizens an entry fee of $131 whether visiting for business or pleasure. The fee will be collected only at Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport. Once paid, the fee permits multiple entries into Argentina for ten years in accordance with US visa reciprocity. US citizens may pay in US dollars, by credit card, or with traveler’s checks.

For those traveling to the Cordoba Province (via Santiago, Chile), you will not be required to pay this entry fee.

Entry fees:
US Citizens $131 USD
Australian Citizens $100 USD
Canadian Citizens $70 USD (per single entry)

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Despedida $5000
Jan 9-16th                  3 Rods
JAN 16/23                 4 Rods
JAN 30/ FEB 06        2 Rods
FEB 13/20                 2 RODS
MAR 13/20               1 ROD
MAR 27/ APR 03     4 RODS

EMB Lodge  $5595
JAN 30 – FEB 06, 2010 (1 rod)
FEB 27 – MAR 06, 2010 (1 rod)
MAR 13 – 20, 2010 (1 rod)
MAR 20 – 27, 2010 (10 rods)

LA VILLA  $5595
JAN 02 – 90, 2010 (4 rods)
JAN 09 – 16, 2010 (2 rods)
FEB 27 – MAR 06, 2010 (1 rod)
MAR 13 – 20, 2010 (2 rods)
MAR 27 – APR 03, 2010 (3 rods)

Feb 6-13  (1 rod)
Feb 13-20 (1 rod)
Feb 20-27 (1 rod)
Mar 20-27 (8 rods)

Villa Maria
Dec 16-23 (6 rods)
Mar 12-19 (5 rods)
Mar 19-26 (6 rods) 

Far End
Jan 2-9  3 rods
Jan 16-23  3 rods

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Jurassic Lake, Argentina

Thank you so much for helping us create such a magical adventure, I will send more photos and stories when I get caught up here.  Unbelievable Rainbow Trout from Jurassic lake we caught 100’s of them – Mike Trotter

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Estancia del Zorro Lodge, Chile

We are excited to be working with Sebatian at Estancia del Zorro and Cinco Rios Lodges in Chile.  Check out these early season reports!  Give Rachel Andras a call for more details 800.552.2729



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El Salto Lake, Anglers Inn

“The service at El Salto was really super!!  I can’t think of one single thing that those people had not thought of to do for us.  And my very favorite on shore, were the rocking chairs on the veranda where I could sit and read in the beautiful weather.  Really a very neat place. A Super Thank YOU Rachel for all the hard work!!!”  – Donna Murrill

“My fish went 9-pounds, and Diane’s was 91/2.  Both were taken on poppers.  The guides said that the longer, thinner body of mine is typical of male bass and Diane’s shorter, heavier body is typical of females. The other picture is the, “Talapia’s Revenge,”  –  Ray Narbaitz


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