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“Slow and steady” is the current situation on the Trinity River. Although none of the reports have been red hot, most of our guides are hooking into a few steelhead each day. Our friend Judith Brown recently fished with Jeff Parker on the Trinity and although catching was slow they managed to land this beauty…

Well done Judith!

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Dear Brian,

Tiamo is truly a remarkable and beautiful place. It is very evident
that a lot of planning went into the refurbishment and decor. (It is
under new ownership and they have done amazing things!)

The cottages are lovely…restful retreats (for those who retreat). We
loved being able to go to sleep at night with the doors wide open, the
curtains billowing, the waves quietly lapping and the palms clicking.
In the morning there was no need for an alarm…the birds woke us.

I enjoyed ALL the activities…swimming, sailing, snorkeling, a nature
walk and swimming in the blue hole, learning to fish, going fun-
fishing…everything. Bob fished, sailed and relaxed.

The staff is exceptional..friendly, solicitous, anticipating and
kindly providing for any needs at meals or at any time…

Food…what can we say? They have the most amazing chef ever!
We cannot truly think of any time when we have had a weeklong feast on
the level, taste and presentation that he and his assistants provided.

Our fishing guide, Darrin, was a pleasure to be with. Such patience to
deal with two such probably exasperatingly novice bonefishers. (I a
novice flyfisher person altogether!) We were so grateful for his
expertise and kindness. Bonefishing is challenging but so exciting.
The guides there really know where to take their clients…according
to ability, weather, sun/clouds, wind, etc.

It was enjoyable to meet people from different places and have
opportunities to share some activities. The number of guests is
limited to 20 I think. There were 13 of us there at the time. There
was plenty of time to be private too. Wonderful chaise lounges on the

We would go back in a heartbeat… Bob and I had an absolutely
marvelous time.

Thank you for helping us to arrange this trip, Brian!

Cris and Bob (Polk)

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Impalila Lodge Report

Our good friend Tom Joseph recently visited Impalila Lodge in Africa and had these comments:

“Thanks for hooking us up with Impalila Lodge. The lodge and setting are both beautiful, built around a huge baobob tree, native wood, great asthetics, very comfortable. Excellent service and food, totally open bar. For travelers who are in the area and want to do a little fishing and some great birding, it was a fine interlude. The value for the area was very good. I think it’s a very well run lodge.”

Thanks Tom!

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We’re starting to get reports from California’s Trinity River. Our good friend John Fay was on the Trinity earlier this week fishing with Jay Cockrum and Brannon Santos from Confluence Outfitters. John had this to say:

“I caught a 26″ hen on the 15th and a 28″ hen on the 16th plus 3 others in the 20 -22″ range. Great weather and really good guides!”

Bill Corkery with a 34" Trinity River steelhead

Congratulations guys!

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 to book your trip on the Trinity River!

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We have some openings at Far End Rivers for the upcoming season. As an incentive we are pleased to announce a discounted rate of $3,600 US for these last openings during prime season!

The available rods are:
Jan 15-22 – 4 rods
Jan 22-29 – 4 rods
Feb 12-19 – 2 rods
March 5-12 – 2 rods
March 12-19 – 6 rods

Give us a call toll-free at 800-552-2729 if you’re interested in taking advantage of this great offer!


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This just in from our friends at Confluence Outfitters:
“We’re looking forward to a forecasted week of stable weather and the return of predictable fishing and flows on the Trinity River. We’ve had a lot of foul weather this fall and the Trinity has already blown out in whole or part three times. These storms have brought a lot of fish into the river. While we’ve had a few days with high water and tough fishing, we’ve had many more days with great water conditions and very good fishing. Fish are spread out from Lewiston to Junction City and beyond.”

Give us a call toll-free at 800-552-2729 for available trips on the Trinity River!!

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By all indications the floating-line season is over for steelhead here in southern Oregon. Currently temperatures in the upper Rogue River are between 44 and 49 degrees fahrenheit. The easy asessment is that it’s too cold to swing flies effectively with a floating line and definitely too cold to fish a skater.

After looking at the temperature graph at midday, an unnamed Fly Water Travel employee (maybe owner) decided to run out for some afternoon steelhead fishing. This unnamed individual was gone for less than 2 hours when we received a picture, sent from a phone, with only the subject line saying “didn’t take long!”

It looks like all you really need to fish a skater for steelhead is to be at the right place / right time with a little confidence…

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 if you’re ready to chase some steelhead on the Rogue!

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