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Moana Kofe, Christmas Island’s original guide, is in need of our help.  Moana’s wife Lucy has slowly been going blind over the past several years.  For much of this time the general thought was that there was nothing we could do for her.  However recent efforts by George and Sharron Maybee (Friends of Christmas Island and Carlton Smith(Pacific Island Medical Aid) have determined that there is a surgery to help her available in Hawaii.  Carlton’s group Pacific Island Medical Aid has secured funding for her operation as well has housing for he stay in Hawaii.  Right now they need help securing two round trip airline tickets at a total cost of $2000.00  George and Sharron Maybee have made a generous donation and Fly Water Travel will assist with a portion as well.

If you are interested in contributing to this cause please contact.

Brian Gies @ Fly Water Travel 800-552-2729 brian@flywatertravel.com

For more information about the work Carlton Smith is doing for the people of Kiribati please visit his web site.   http://pacificislandsaid.org


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