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Ken Morrish recently returned from a trip to Hodson’s Lodge on the Dean River in British Columbia. Take a look at some of his photos on our Facebook page here.

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Suskeena Lodge, British Columbia

Due to a last minute cancelation, Suskeena Lodge has three open spots the week of September 9-16, 2011.

This is a prime week and there are three open spaces. Anglers fish three per boat.
Regular Rate: $5600 Reduced Rate: $3800 plus 6% HST.

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, guided fishing, limited wine with dinner, round-trip charter flight between Smithers and the lodge, HST.
Not Included: Airfare to/from Smithers, accommodations and meals in Smithers, sodas, beer and alcohol, staff and guide gratuities, fishing licenses (approximately CAD $300-$400), flies.

Call Ken Morrish for details at 800-552-2729.

Big Ku Lodge, Alaska

Big Ku – Two For One!

Due to a last minute cancelation, Big Ku Lodge has two spots open for the week of September 9-16, 2011. This is arguably the best trophy rainbow week of the season.

Two anglers for the price of one, $4650 total.

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, beer and wine, soft drinks, round-trip airfare between Anchorage and the lodge, personal guides, daily jet boat access to four area rivers, instruction, fishing licenses, flies, leaders.
Not Included: Airfare to/from Anchorage, accommodations and meals in Anchorage, hard alcohol (please feel free to bring your own bottle), fishing equipment, staff gratuities, optional pay-as-you-go fly-outs to other rivers ($425 per person per day with a minimum of 2 passengers).

Call Ken Morrish for details at 800-552-2729

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This picture was just sent in from friends who did a trip in Alaska. They caught a rainbow on a Morrish Mouse. While releasing the bow the fish puked up a natural mouse. I can see why the fish fell for the Morrish Mouse.

We have some prime available dates in Alaska for this season at:

Royal Wolf LodgeWhere serious rainbow hunters return to find the best guides and fishing program in Alaska.
Rapids Camp LodgeThe best equipped and most versatile fly-out lodge in the state.
Reel Wilderness AdventuresFor those who yearn for a pristine wilderness setting with small groups, comfortable accommodations and great food, Reel Wilderness Adventures provides a perfect alternative to a lodge stay.
No See Um LodgeOne of Alaska’s finest fly-out lodges for trophy rainbows and sea bright salmon.

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 to book your “mousing” trip!

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This just in from Chris O’Donnell on the Deschutes River:

“Yo Charles! Just got off the river today from a lower river four day. Single angler went 10 for 11, 8 wild, all fish taken on a size 4 xxx fly and floating line. Fishing was good all the way down.

Trip just before had similar fishing…See you in a few weeks!” – Chris

Thanks Chris!

Give Charles a call at 800-552-2729 to book your trip to the Deschutes River!

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Eastslope Adventures, Alberta
by Ben Taylor

“Tom and I fished 5 days — July 25 to 29, 2011: The water was high while we were there, so we had to fish with nymphs and indicators, out of rubber rafts, but did get out to work certain pools.

On day #1 on the %#^ River, with clouds and rain, we hooked only a few fish (18 inch browns) on dry flies, and did not do much better day #2 (on the XYZ River) again because of the wind, rain, and clouds. Then, as the weather improved on day #3, two of us hooked 17. We only counted hooked fish, because they were so big and tough that we landed only a few of them, all over 20 inches. They are so strong and wild when hooked, that you can’t follow them down the river fast enough in the rafts that we floated in. And if you did, you would have to drift by a lot of good water, so we just hoped they would come back up river — and most did not.

On day #4, in two separate rafts, two of us hooked 40 fish, all rainbows. I got 24 of those with Cam. The average fish was easily over 20 inches, and on day #5, switching guides, we hooked 35. I was able to land 10 of 15, and except for two or three 16 to 18 inchers, they were all over 20 inches, and three were over 22 inches — and fat — and so strong — when hooked, they took off like bonefish!! The largest I landed weighed between 6 and 7 lbs. Tom hooked 20, and had one on for half an hour that he and Cam were sure was over 12, maybe 14 lbs. I had one on that took off and never stopped, not once, and took all my line and 200 feet of backing. Had to put the brakes on with about 10 feet of backing left and the hook pulled out. Did not have time to follow him, and if we did, we would have had to leave the pool, and we were at the take-out spot, too, so would have had to row back up against the current for an hour. As a result, I caught three more in the same pool.

Anyway, it was terrific, even though I would have liked a little more dry-fly action. It is a very fragile fishery, and could not take too much angling pressure. But it is fairly well protected for now — like Montana 50 years ago.”

Thanks for the report Ben!

Charles recently visited this fishery. Stay tuned for his trip report later this week!

Give Charles a call at 800-552-2729 if you’re interested in fishing for some of the largest and strongest rainbow trout you’ll ever see!

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Patagonia News!

Chile brown trout

With so many things going on in Patagonia at the moment (i.e.: volcanic eruptions, massive mouse hatches, mega-dam projects being blocked, etc.) we have no shortage of interesting news to bring to you from that corner of the planet. Also, we would like to remind you that there is no better time than now to consider a fly fishing holiday to Patagonia. With 20 year Patagonia veteran Rex Bryngelson presently working in our Oregon office, there is also no better time to contact us to help get you dialed in for the upcoming season.  Be sure to give Rex a call here at Fly Water if you are considering a trip to Chile or Argentina anytime soon.  Prime Patagonia Availability 2012   1-800-552-2729 / rex@flywatertravel.com
hatch _______________________________________________________________________________
The Mouse Hatch in Southern Chile:

Brian Okeefe mouse brown
Brian Okeefe photo

In December the Angling Report   ran a piece by Rex on the eminent mouse hatch anticipated to hit Southern Chile this past season.  The mouse hatch never quite kicked in during the 2011 season but, latest reports from the area indicate it is now in full force. The hatch, which comes as a result of the flowering of the native bamboo, is an event that only takes place about once every 15-20 years. The massive amount of seeds produced during this process creates a tremendous food source resulting in a huge spike in the local mouse population. The hatch is expected to go on for perhaps as long as two years and rivals the famous mouse hatches in New Zealand that some of you may know of from: Once in a Blue Moon .  It is anticipated that this hatch will be a boon for the prolific wild brown and rainbow trout of southern Chile and we expect to see some extremely well feed trout being caught on mouse patterns this coming season.   

hatch _______________________________________________________________________________

Puyehue Volcanic Eruption:

puyehue volcanic eruption

On June 5th southern Chile’s Puyehue Volcano erupted in grand style spewing out a huge ash column that reached to an altitude of over 12 kilometers. The ash plume was initially blown to the southeast over Argentina burying the nearby ski towns of Villa Angostura and Bariloche with up to 2 feet of ash and pumice, closing roads, knocking out power lines, killing off livestock, etc. The extensive ash cloud eventually circumnavigated the entire globe producing air traffic delays in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio and eventually as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

Fortunately the eruption has since calmed down significantly but, it remains unclear just how severely the eruption has affected nearby trout streams and certain that some fisheries close to the volcano have been significantly impacted. The good news for traveling anglers planning to fish Northern Patagonia in 2012 is that the eruption took place well ahead of the of the coming season, allowing plenty of time for the winter snows and rains to wash much of the ash through the system before next season gets underway.  We at Fly Water Travel will be communicating with our friends and outfitters in the area to stay abreast of the situation.  For the latest information please give Rex a call at 800-552-2729.        Dam_______________________________________________________________________________

Following massive nationwide protests throughout Chile in the aftermath of a governmental vote to approve the highly controversial Hydro Aysen Dam project in May, a Chilean court has since ordered the immediate suspension of all work on the project.  This comes as very good news to fly fishing outfitters in southern Chile who nearly all foresee their businesses being directly impacted should the mega-project be allowed to go forward.  However, this is far from saying that the dam project has been scrapped definitively as the government of Chilean president Sebastian Pinera has expressed it’s full backing to build the dams. To read more: Court moves to suspend work on Chilean dam

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Turneffe Flats Lodge, Belize

We are again offering a great summer/fall Fishing Special as well as a couple of upcoming short-notice specials for specific weeks this fall. Short Notice Fishing Specials of $1950.00 plus taxes are available for the following dates.

September 3 – 10
September 10 – 17
October 1 – 8
October 8 – 15

For a trip that normally sells for $3,140/person this represents over 35% discount!

We also have a great diving special through the week before Christmas.

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 to take advantage of this great offer!

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