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La Posada de los Farios, Rio Cisnes -ChileThe ultimate in homestyle Chilean hospitality and quality dry fly fishing in a peaceful rural Patagonian setting.
Available dates:  Dec. 31-Jan. 7 (prime Dragonfly action!), Jan. 14-22 (La Posada/Coyhaique River Lodge Combo), Feb. 4-11 & 11-18 (peak hopper time!)

Coyhaique River Lodge – Chile
Sets the standard for quality lodges centered in Chile’s renowned trout fishing Mecca of Coyhaique.
Available dates:  Jan. 14-22 (Coyhaique/La Posada de los Farios Combo), Feb. 12-18 & 19-25 (hopper time!)

Chucao Lodges – Chile
An authentic Chilean experience where outstanding local guides and rustic comfort are delivered at an unbeatable price.
Available dates:  Dec. 31-Jan. 7 & Jan. 7-14 (prime Dragonfly action!),  Feb. 11-18

Northern Rivers – Argentina
Just now being brought online by the talented team at Untamed Angling, we have every reason to believe that this newest Patagonia venue will soon become a coveted classic.  Northern River’s fishing program focuses primarily on the exciting sight fishing on the area’s many secret off-the-radar rivers, spring creeks and private streams.
Available dates: Dec. 3-10 (special discounted early season rate), Jan 8-15, Feb. 4-12 (dry fly sight fishing peak!)

Spring Creek Lodge – San Martin Area, Argentina
Combination of world-class angling and tasteful accommodations in the heart of Argentina’s most productive waters and attractively priced.
Available dates: Jan 15-22 and 22-29, Feb. 26 – March 3 (all prime dry fly dates!)

Give us a call to book any of these Patagonia destinations 1-800-552-2729


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The old adage, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”, is for the most part, spot on. But for those who have hit Jurassic Lake when it is on (or even half on) their experiences are testament to the fact that sometimes it is just that good. The bottom line is that when this place is fishing well (Nov-Jan.15 and then again March 6-April 16) it blows all other wild trophy rainbow fisheries out of the water. Is it the world’s most scenic and sophisticated fishery? Not by a long shot. Is it the traveling angler’s best shot at landing 10-20 fat wild rainbows a day north of 10 pounds? Without question! How big do these fish get? How hard do they pull? Well, they get big. While they average 9-10 pounds, there are good numbers of fish that exceed 20 pounds as well as some that will push 30 pounds. They have spooled their share of wade fisherman and personally broken me off on 15 pound Maxima (ouch!). Simply put, they are brutes and more often than not, they rip.

Currently there are openings at the legendary Loop Camp at the mouth of the Rio Barancosa River. The best time to visit would be November or December, but there is also a prime week open the first week of January. Full week trips run $4990 and offer five and a half days of fishing. By my calculation that is enough time for the average angler to land at least 700 pounds of fat feisty rainbow trout. Call or email Ken Morrish for details. 1.800.552.2729. ken@flywatertravel.com

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From our good friend Randy Sultan after returning from a recent trip to Jurassic Lake:
“This was truly the greatest trout fishing experience anyone could possibly have. I caught them on streamers, dries, nymphs and even my big mouse pattern. Average size was 10 lbs and I caught several over 20 lbs (35 inches). Food and accomodations were great for the isolated location. The drive was tough but the fishing made it worthwhile.”

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 to book your Jurassic Lake adventure!

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Just in from Villa Maria Lodge on the Rio Grande in Argentina:

This week we had 6 guest from the USA, all coming for many years to Villa Maria. They have a great time during their stay at the lodge enjoying our excellent food, service and hospitality.

The fishing was tough during the week. The weather was very nice and sunny, not too windy. And the river was very low and clear. Anglers and guides had to work very hard to get fish. We caught 61 fish and hooked 89. The average fish p/day p/person was 1,75. Although we are still catching silver and fresh fish, we started to catch more colored fish which means the fall is coming and the fish are preparing to spawn.

We had high tides this week, so we are expecting fresh fish and hopefully they are big. And I also hope it rains a little bit in the mountains and the river rises a few inches!

River Conditions: The river was very low and clear during the week. The water temperature was good, between 9 to 14 degree Celsius (48 to 58 F)

Fishing Techniques and flies: We fished with Skagit lines with type 3 and type 8 tips. There were a few pools where we used intermediate and floating tips. We had a couple of fish that rose to skating flies. Regarding flies, we used mostly small rubber legs, green machines, tube flies and leeches late in the evening.

We caught 61 fish and hooked 89 during the week.
Average fish per rod: 1.7 fish p/rod p/day.
The average weight was 10.75 pounds.
We caught 14 fish over 15 lbs and 6 fish over 20 lbs during the week.
Biggest fish of the week was a 24 pounder caught by Brad Freeburg.
Top Rod: Brad Freeburg with 14 fish.

The 2012 season on the Rio Grande is filling fast! Give us a call at 800-552-2729 to book your trip.

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By: Charles Gehr

To set the record straight, I am a steelheader. Nothing gets my blood pumping like swinging a fly for steelhead on a big western river with my spey rod. Don’t get me wrong, I love fishing for trout as well. Throwing small, bug-like flies on light tippet gives me a charge that will never dissipate. However, after spending my first week on the Rio Grande fishing for sea-run browns using a combination of steelhead and trout techniques and flies I can honestly say that my perspective has changed.    Continue Reading

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The Rio Grande has been having a spectacular fishing season this year. Numbers and size of fish have been impressive from lodges up and down the river.

Until this week the largest fish ever landed at Villa Maria Lodge on the Rio Grande was 32 lbs. Not the case anymore. Earlier this week Villa Maria guide Ale landed this monster…

Measured 40.5″ length and 24.5″ girth.

Weighed in at 33.5 lbs!

Well done Ale!

There are 6 more weeks of fishing this year on the Rio Grande.

We have some unbelievable last-minute special rates to fish the Rio Grande. Give us a call!

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From Guillermo at Challhuaquen Lodge:

“December started with very good expectations, as we have witnessed a lot of activity of hatches and the usual flow of nymphs along the river. However, weather conditions, like the wind, the sun and the moon, and potentially abrupt changes in the atmospheric pressure, are always wild cards. Fortunately, our great Futaleufu once again delivered very interesting fly-fishing last month. We discovered the presence of a large group of midge nymphs (something rare in the river); and the trout selected them as their main source of food. Indeed, we got a lot of catches by fishing with midge imitations, using the dead drift method, near to the end of the rivers bed. This technique meant a great challenge since midge imitations are tied on very small hooks, with very thin tippets, but the catches were from a very good size (average of 12 inches) and quite strong. Besides that anomaly, we experienced the usual fishing of beautiful browns with streamers and dry attractors, in some cases obtaining captures above 20 inches. As always, the bottoms and the back eddies provided us with a lot of fishing on the surface, for which we used mayflies spent spinners and mosquitoes. This was really fun and very encouraging fishing! After Christmas, the weather stabilized and the sunny days begun, with no wind and hot temperatures, which allowed us to enjoy the river through fishing in all its modalities. Trout are in perfect condition and very spirited. The alternative places we proposed to our anglers, like Willmanco lagoon, Rivadavia River and Nant y Fall River, had all the same marvelous performances. This noted, we expect that performance in these places could deteriorate a bit as the summer goes and water temperature increases. Whereas the Futaleufu River is likely to remain a great fishing spot thanks to its massive water flow that maintains water temperature and volume mostly unchanged. In sum, quite a few days in December showed the best of flying fishing potential in the area. We hope you will have the chance to enjoy this extraordinary experience soon.”

Tight Lines & Singing reels!!!!
Guillermo Sag
Head Guide

Give us a call at 800-552-2729 if you’d like to visit Challhuaquen Lodge!

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