A new season of Dorado angling on the fly is just getting underway at Pira Lodge in the Ibera Marshlands of Argentina. Our thanks to our friends at Pira for the recent update.

Available Dates for Pira Lodge:

Jan 21 to Jan 28 – 4 spots available

February 4 to February 11 – 4 spots available

March 3 to March 10 – 6 spots available

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By Tito Saenz Rozas:

The beginning of October found me heading back to Pira Lodge as I did so many times for the start of another season! Alfonso, one of our great guides, was coming too. Having tried all travel options, I have no doubt that the bus is my favorite. Not only is the most comfortable, but it also travels at night, which gives me the chance to make the most of the day of arrival. The buses are first class with comfortable seats in which it’s easy to fall asleep. And that is what I did on my way to Pira.

Marcela, Pira Lodge house manager, was waiting for us at Mercedes bus station with a smile on her face and after an 1,5 hours ride in a 4WD, we reached Pira.

The weather was nice and we couldn’t wait to start fishing. The water level was low, so the first day we decided to go to the river. After half an hour of breaking through across the marsh, we arrived to the headwaters of the river. When the water is low, the landscape changes completely with hundreds of creeks flowing into the main course of the Corrientes River, giving us the possibility to fish from the banks of these clear water creeks, called headwaters.

We caught a great number of fish and saw many schools between in the range 3 to 7 lbs.

The following morning, we fished in a beautiful creek with sandbanks which reminded me of the Bahamas flats. The weather was a little bit chilly but the fishing was still good. I was fishing with a brand new TCX 6wt. sage rod and Alfonso was using a Z-axis 6-wt. I was casting from far away from the creek just to fish my side of the bank, when I hooked a very nice fish. Fishing with a 6-wt rod for this size of fish is great fun.

That afternoon Santi Seeber our sales director, and Fernando de las Carreras, CEO and founder of Nervous Waters, arrived to join us. We made plans for the following day and decided that we would stay all day long at the river.

We woke up with a cloudy, windy and cold day. Perfect for some great Dorado fishing. We fished the marsh and caught many 4-5 pounders. Later we decided to go down on the river to find bigger fish. The day was still cold and some rain showers started to fall. As the fishing at that place was a bit slow, I suggested that we went to fish a classical curve of the river in which we usually find nice fish. It’s a beautiful place to be at and both, Dorado and anglers love to spend time there. However, this time it wasn’t that active so we decided to move again to the junction of two creeks, which we call “año 67”. It was in this place that we fished the record of the lodge (24 lbs), a couple of years ago. We mainly fished with sinking lines swinging the fly downstream. He had already caught 5 or 6 fish, one after the other, using this technique, when heavy rain started to fall interrupting Santi’s moment of glory and forcing us to go back to the lodge.

The following day, which was our last, the weather was gorgeous. We fished the marsh instead of the river. Fishing was great. We spotted a couple of fish between 4 and 6 pounds. Alfonso caught a very nice fish with a floating line and a small streamer, making it more exciting and fun. These fish were fighting stronger than usually because of the water’s cold temperature. We saw some good fish in the range 10-15 pounds that were not active taking our flies. The morning passed quickly and it was soon time to head back to the city. We headed back to the lodge, giving all smiles for the end of our “spring break” fishing trip, while making plans and looking forward for the season to come. Please come and visit us this season.


Tsimane Lodge Update

Tsimane regular Cary Pugh with a magnificent Golden Dorado

When Ken returned home from Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia he wrote that his trip was “…the single most interesting and rewarding trip of my fishing career.” (read more from Ken)

For those that know Ken Morrish and his fishing exploits, this is not a statement to be taken lightly! It’s no wonder that our friends at Tsimane are reporting that they are quickly booking out the 2012 season.

There is currently still room available so give Brian a call!  1-800-552-2729

Our thanks to our friends at Sweet Water Travel for the update on recent changes at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that they are back in the fold. We’re sure that available openings at the Agua Boa are again going to be a very hot commodity!

Rate: $5,500 per person per week for a 7 night / 6 day package

Current 2011/12 openings:

November 12 to November 19, 2011

January 21 to January 28, 2012

January 28 to February 4, 2012

February 4 to February 11, 2012

February 18 to February 25, 2012

March 10 to March 17, 2012

March 17 to March 24, 2012

March 24 to March 31, 2012

If you’ve been thinking about a trip to the Amazon, or have trouble getting visions of monster Peacock Bass slamming poppers out of your head, then give give Brian a call today to book your dream trip to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge at 1-800-552-2729.


From Sweet Water Travel:

We are happy to announce that the ever popular Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is back under the watchful eye of the professional guides at Sweet Water Travel.  That means that one of Sweet Water’s guides will be on site managing the fishing program all season.  With their long history and knowledge of the area these guides are able to help ensure clients get the best fishing possible.

A few details about Sweetwater’s history at the lodge:

Sweetwater built the lodge in 2002 with Dr. Jan Wilt.  This partnership created the premiere peacock bass fishing lodge in the Amazon.   With its spacious lodge, tasteful bungalows, and infinity pool overlooking the Agua Boa River, the lodge created a lodging experience that set the standard for living in the jungle.  With its sale to Lance Ranger in 2007, the lodge has only been improved upon.  With updates in its infrastructure such as wireless internet and a fly shop on-site, the lodge is incredible place to relax after a day of fishing.

Sweetwater designed the Agua Boa’s fishing program to emphasize sight fishing.  It equipped all the boats with jet units and poling platforms to facilitate anglers’ moving quietly down the river channel searching for marauding Peacocks along the endless white sand bars crossing the river.  Sweetwater has a host on site each week to insure that the fishing program is adjusted to reflect fishing conditions and will make sure that your week at the lodge is productive and enjoyable.

The Agua Boa is the only river in the northern Amazon that has been designated fly-fishing only.  This means that the fishing is all done with single, barbless hooks.  By minimizing the fishing impact upon the fishery, anglers can be assured that they will find the same quality of fishing in the end of the season as in the beginning of the season.

The Agua Boa is a very diverse fishery.  In addition to all three species of Peacock Bass, the Agua Boa also has very healthy populations of Arowana, Pacu, Traera, and, of course, catfish.  If you have not fished for catfish at night in the jungle, you are missing one of the world’s most invigorating and exotic fishing experiences.

The eastern shoreline of the Agua Boa is a national refuge.  With this protection, the Agua Boa presents one of the best opportunities in the Amazon to view Jaguar (admittedly rare), Tapir, howler monkeys, and an incredible collection of birdlife.   It is the best place to experience not only the explosiveness of the Peacock Bass but also the diversity of life that still inhabits the remote regions of the Amazon jungle.

Sustut Report

From our good friend Scott Hagen, who just returned from his third trip to Suskeena Lodge on the Sustut River in British Columbia:

“I finally enjoyed good water conditions on my third trip to the Sustut. That said, I blanked for two days on the Bulkley and went six landed for ten hookups on the Sustut. Not bad steelhead fishing, but somewhat slower than some of us had hoped for, given the ideal clarity and level of the river. There was a lot of talk about the netting at the mouth of the Skeena having something to do with that.

The food was super, B. and Chris do a great job. The fire burning in the cabin stove when we got back from a day’s fishing was a very nice touch, as the weather and the water were pretty cold. The guides were very knowledgeable, and consistently put us on great looking water.

All in all, I am glad I went, and I caught some very nice steelhead.

I would like to go again, but two or three weeks earlier, when it’s a little warmer and I have a better shot at raising some fish on a skated dry. Attached is my biggest fish of the trip (38”X19”)

Best regards, Scott”

Thanks Scott!

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Willamette Report

From Matt Ramsey, who guides on the Willamette River:

“Had a great time fishing on the Willamette with Dan Kahn the other day. Would you please forward his shots to him. Fishing on the Willamette is very good right now. We’re running into a couple of steelhead each day and the trout action is great. Yesterday my dude got 3 including one on an October Caddis dry. Here are some open dates remaining on the calendar:

Oct 19, 25, 26, 31

Tight Lines!

Thanks Matt!

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Kispiox Report

From our good friend, Mark Kranhold, who just returned from the Kispiox River in British Columbia:

“Hi Lindy, It was a great time once again with the Allen family and staff at Bear Claw Lodge. We were just glad we hit the weather just right, considering B.C. was blown out for the last month or so. I have attached a picture of my brother Scott with guide Donnie and a big beautiful buck. This was the biggest fish caught in our group 41″ x 21″ girth…WOW!! Also a few of my fish I got. Thanks Fly Water Travel for a memorable trip!

Thanks Mark!

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Bulkley Report

From our good friend, Stephen Kyle, who just returned from his third-annual trip to Frontier Farwest Fishing Lodge the first week of October:

“The Bulkley started to shape up and we started bringing a few more to the fly. The Morice had visibility to about 4′ so that was a different deal altogether. For me it was 9 for 12 to 33″ which put me in the middle of the pack I think. We all had days were we didn’t even get a bump but that’s the game we pay to play. I’ll be back next year.”

Thanks Stephen!

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