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In the past 3 days a group of 5 anglers from the USA (Joe, Carl, Don, David & Kevin) have had some memorable fly fishing.

They have landed 5 double digit brown trout- 10lb, 10.25lb, 11.25lb, 11.5lb & 11.75lb.

If this wasn’t enough, they have also landed 4 more browns at a tad over 9lb and countless more “smaller” fish…..

And all these fish were caught within a 45 minute drive of the lodge – no helicopter fishing required !

Owen River Lodge

Owen River Lodge


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Hi Raquelita,

Yesterday we saw the first cantarias flying arround. They were seen in the upper Mañihuales, so soon they should be in the Simpson, Paloma, mogote, Gillermo, Aysén Etc…

Sebastián, owner of Cinco Rios Lodge and Estancia del Zorro

For more information on the fishing please contact Rachel Andras at 800.552.2729 or email at rachel@flywatertravel.com

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(mid-May through first week of June)

Join Tim Linehan and his guides for an early season trip on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana.  Perfect for the budget angler this trip features local motel accommodations, burgers and beers at night.  Simple as that.  Oh yeah, and rods bent to the water and reels buzzing and cut fingers and 18” rainbows and browns and monster hits on streamers and sneaky takes on nymphs and huge fish…and did I mention beers at night?   
Approximate rate (depending on exact motel) $985 per person based on double occupancy for 4N/3D fishing package.   Sign up now!  Call 800 552 2729 or email Rachel Andras at rachel@flywatertravel.com

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DEAL DEAL DEAL at Kau Tapen Lodge and Villa Maria
Kau Tapen: $7950
Villa Maria $6900
Both include RT flights from MIAMI to the Lodge, hotel and transfers in Buenos Aires, 6 days fishing on the Rio Grande (all based on double occupancy)!  Call now to book.  800 552 2729

Available dates: 
Kau Tapen Lodge: Feb 6-13th (1 rod)
                                     Feb 13-20 (1 rod)
                                     March 6-13 (2 rods)
                                     March 20-27 (5 rods)
Villa Maria:             March 12-19 (5 rods)
                                     March 19-26 (6 rods)

Estancia Despedida:  2010 Rate $5000 per person based on double occupancy 
                                         January 16-23 (4 rods)
                                         January 30-Feb 6th (2 rods)
                                         Feb 13-20 (2 rods)
                                         March 13-20 (1 rod)
                                         March 27-April 3 (4 rods)

Far End Rivers, Irigoyen and Malenguena rivers for Sea Run Brown Trout
Save $1000! 
Available Dates:      January 16-23 (2 rods) 
                                       January 30-Feb 6 (3 rods for HELI program)
                                       Feb 6-13 (2 rods for HELI program)
                                       Feb 20-27 (2 rods)
                                       March 6-13 (5 rods)
                                       March 13-20 (6 rods)
                                       March 20-27 (6 rods)

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